2021-2022 After School Enrichment Program

Thank you for your interest in the Crozet Sports After School Enrichment Program! This is a new program being offered to the community for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Our program is designed to provide a fun and relaxing, yet structured environment for our students after their school day. The program will be offered to students of Brownsville and Crozet Elementary.  There will be 30 spots available for this school year and student selection is based on the time of receipt of both the registration and required deposit.  Additional kids day camps will be offered on all non-school days.  Registration for the non-school day kids program will be opening soon!    


Transportation from Brownsville Elementary and Crozet Elementary will be provided     



     Grades: K – 5th Graders (2021-2022 school year)

Schools: Brownsville & Crozet Elementary

Program Times: Drop-off to 6pm

Capacity: 30 Students


 Location:  1st Floor of the Crozet Library

 Crozet Sport Community Foundation

 1159 Crozet Avenue

 Crozet, VA 22932





2021-2022 After School Enrichment Program Pricing

Program Costs (includes ACPS transportation and all supplies)

Registration Fee $50 ( Non-refundable ) 


4-5 days per week- $300/mth

(10 payment cycles)  


Includes all scheduled half-day school days  





1-3 days per week- $225/mth

(10 payment cycles)

*To be considered for part-time, a consistent part-time schedule must be established.  Any request for changes to part-time days must be submitted in writing with a minimum of two weeks notice.  Requests will be approved only if space is available.    



Financial Assistance

Please email us at info@crozetsports.com if you are interested in applying for financial assistance. 

Approval is based on need and available funding.