2022 Crozet Sports Gymnastics 

Welcome to the Crozet Sports youth gymnastics program!  After more than a decade of serving the community, Gymnastics on the Move, LLC (under the direction of Kelly-Ann Rayle) has transitioned all operations to Crozet Sports.  All gymnastics classes will continue to be led by highly experienced USA Gymnastic certified instructors and based out of our home location at Crozet Library.    

The 2022 gymnastics program will be offered as an ongoing program including one class per week and an average of 4 classes each month.  There will be a monthly recurring fee of $85 for participation.  This will hold your spot in the program and a notice of two weeks is required prior to withdrawal from the program.  This will allow us time to notify families from the waitlist and fill your child’s spot in the program.  Refunds or prorations will not be provided for missed classes.  All instructors will provide appropriate notice to families if there will be a week of no classes.  Any missed classes will be rescheduled with a goal of four classes offered per month.  


This payment button is ONLY for participants accepted into the program.

Gymnastics Program / Recurring Program 

4-5 Classes per month / Once a week

Cost $85 per month/recurring payment

Location: 1159 Crozet Avenue ( bottom floor of the Crozet Library )


Gymnastics Classes

Preschool 1 – Tiny Tots

Ages 18 months to 2 Years

This program provides an enjoyable experience for both parent and child, it is a loosely structured time to explore movement through the use of gymnastics and play equipment.

Student/Teacher ratio is 4:1.

Preschool 2 – Mini Bees

Ages 2 1/2 – 3 Years

This program provides the opportunity for children to improve motor skills and social skills while developing and improving self-esteem, coordination, strength and flexibility.

Student/Teacher ratio is 4:1.

Level 1 – Tumble Bees

Ages 4 -5 Years

 When a Mini student has shown the skill level and maturity required for a Level 1 Gymnastics class, we graduate them into Tumble Bee class where they will begin to transition to the gymnastics equipment.

Student/Teacher ratio is 4:1.


Level 1 – Gymbees

The Level 1 Gymnastics class provides students with skills specific to gymnastics and overall developmental bodybuilding and coordination activities basic to all sports. Strict gymnastic progression will be followed to learn skills and techniques for developing strength and flexibility. Classes are designed to develop fine and gross motor skills, build confidence, and introduce an awareness of tumbling, balance beam, single bar, and vaulting skills.

Student/Teacher ratio is 8:1.

Level 2 – Gymbees

The Level 2 Gymnastics class will follow strict gymnastic progression, enabling students to master Level 1 skills and begin to learn Level 2 skills and techniques, while developing strength and flexibility. Classes are specifically designed to further develop fine and gross motor skills, confidence, and an awareness of tumbling skills, single bar, balance beam, and vaulting.

Student/Teacher ratio is 8:1

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson

USAG Certified Instructor/ Gymnastics

A former competitive gymnast up to level 9 but started coaching tumbling in high school and have worked at numerous gyms along the way. She resides in Crozet, VA  for the last 5 1/2 years with her husband and 6 children. Anne looks forward to continue to grow as a coach with Crozet sports and love watching young gymnasts gain confidence and a love for the sport.

Chandler Legard

Chandler Legard

USAG Certified Instructor / Gymnastics

Chandler was a competitive gymnast growing up, competing through Level 8. After retiring from gymnastics, she began pole vaulting her sophomore year of high school and competed through the rest of her high school career. Upon graduating from Virginia Tech in 2017, Chandler began coaching gymnastics in Crozet. She enjoys connecting with athletes on the sport that was such a big part of her childhood!

Tennille Sorensen

Tennille Sorensen

USAG Certified Instructor/ Gymnastics

Tennille is a certified instructor that loves to teach gymnastics, develop athletic potential and strengthens the abilities of young athletes. She graduated from UVSC in American Sign Language and has been a resident Charlottesville  for the last 17 years with her husband and 6 children. Tennille enjoys to see the smiles and excitement on all young athletes as they learn new skills during her classes.