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What category below includes your age?
How many members of your family are involved in sports and recreation?
Please list the town/city in which you reside.
Please select which sports and recreational activities your youth athlete and/or family participates in? (Select all that apply)
Please indicate which services your youth athlete and/or family may be interested in participating? (Please select all that apply)
On average, how often does your youth athlete and/or family participate in sports?
Approximately how much do you spend on sports per year? (Memberships, equipment, leagues, training, etc.)
Would you be interested in the opening of a new indoor sports facility that is a short drive from your home?
If you were a member, how often would you attend an indoor sports facility?
What do you consider the most important factors for you to be satisfied with an indoor sports facility? (select all that apply)
How much would you be willing to spend on a membership (per individual) to a sports facility like the one described in this survey?

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