Providing additional athletic, health, and academic resources to our community

Establishing a true Community Hub for Crozet residents

Adding a community amenity that serves the area residents currently and for future generations

Potential partnership with ACPS to offer additional space and programming, and implement strategies to reduce existing traffic congestion related to school events and operations

Addressing the issue of lack of indoor athletic and academic space in Western Albemarle

Providing indoor space and resources to support area youth sports organizations and school athletic programs

This parcel is the optimal location to achieve our goals of serving as an extension of the ACPS campus and providing athletic and educational services to ACPS students, private school students, and home school students and residents in Old Trail and surrounding communities.

Community health education seminars, classes, and programs will be offered as part of our adult education academy, supporting our mission of improving community health

Addresses the shortage or recreational amenities and activities for residents of Old Trail and residents of the entire community

The overall character of this parcel allows for the proposed facility to be developed in a manner that will be complementary to the Old Trail community and surrounding institutions

The location allows for the preservation of landscape buffers along Route 250, Old Trail Drive, and along the eastern parcel border (Henley side) will aid in minimizing any visual impact of the facility from all directions

The Traffic and Environmental impacts will be reduced as a result of this project when compared to the by-right residential development plan for Block 19 of 90 residential homes

Connecting neighborhood sidewalks and trails will also allow for an option of facility access without the need for vehicular transportation. The location is very convenient for both adult and youth walkers, bikers, and runners.

This proposed project and land use (and suggested operation plan) would be a safer and more compatible use with current area traffic demands, than what is currently planned as single family residential development.

There is the possibility of a controlled vehicular connector road between Old Trail Drive through this Block 19 Parcel to Henley Middle School parcel (to the East). This possible controlled connector, in addition to establishing a vehicular access agreement with ACPS, could potentially ease some of the traffic congestion at the 250/Old Trail Drive intersection as well as the on-site campus congestion caused by School drop-off and dismissal. By allowing bus traffic and pedestrian access through this new development parcel, it would help to meet the County’s goal of urban connectivity to the school system, while reducing congestion at the Old Trail Drive/Route 250 intersection that occurs during the morning peak hour.

The potential for a partnership that would allow ACPS to use a portion of Block 19 for overflow parking during school events such as Open Houses, Back to School nights, and Graduations. This would reduce the already existing parking issues during these school events where school parking lots are overflowing, vehicles often block or crowd drive aisles, and vehicles are parked along 250 which is a major safety issue for the community

All connector trails maintained by the Crozet Trails Crew and Old Trail Community Association will be preserved.  We will assist in the preservation and maintenance of these trails in the future

This project is consistent with the current Comprehensive Master Plan

This project is consistent with the applicable principles of the Neighborhood Model District such as:  Pedestrian Orientation, Mixture of Uses, Neighborhood Center, Mixture of Houses and Affordability, Interconnected Streets and Transportation Networks, Multi-Model Transportation Opportunities, Parks, Recreational Amenities and Open Space, Buildings and Spaces of Human Scale, Relegated Parking, Redevelopment, Respecting Terrain and Careful Grading and Re-grading, and Clear Boundaries with Rural Area (refer to Narrative link on the Project home page for details)

The proposed project has no negative impact on public facilities and public infrastructure

The proposed project has no negative impacts on environmental features 

The project will not create any material negative impacts on community facilities such as transportation networks, parks, fire/rescue, and schools